FAQ - Yoder Bontrager Insurance
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Answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Click on a question below to reveal the answer.

Do I have to carry insurance on my car, house and/or apartment? If yes, why?

Vehicle liability insurance is required in all states because of the damage that you can potentially do to others. In regards to your house, generally speaking, the holder of your mortgage will require you to have coverage on your home. If you rent, it depends on whether or not your landlord requires renters insurance or not (although it’s still a good idea even if they don’t).

Am I insuring me as the driver, or am I insuring the car listed on the policy?

You are insuring your vehicle.

If I let my friend drive my car and she causes an accident, does my insurance pay?

This is changing. Your insurance will pay, but your friend’s policy may be responsible for part of the claim.

If I rent a car, should I purchase their insurance?

The coverages on your policy transfer to vehicles you rent, but there may be some gaps. Call your agent.

How can I save money on car insurance?

You can increase deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage.

What does an insurance company consider when someone applies for insurance?

Most insurance companies consider driving records and credit score when determining eligibility. Discounts are available including multi-policy, safe driver, and good student, to name a few.

How much does the car I drive impact my premiums?

Each company develops their own rating tiers based on the vehicle type age, size, engine size, and more.

Can my auto insurance company drop me and refuse to cover me, apart from not paying my premium?

Yes, your insurance company can drop you for an increased risk such as a change in your driving record and claims frequency.

Do I really need renter's insurance? I thought the landlord or university had insurance in case of a fire, etc. Why do I need insurance too?

Your need renters insurance in case of your own liability. For example, if you cause the fire, you could be personally responsible for the losses on the entire building.

What are some situations that are not covered on a home policy that many people don't know about?

On a typical home policy flood, sewer and drain backup, earthquake, and identity theft are a few of the coverages not included. Most of these can be added. Contact us today for more information.

What are some situations that are not covered on an auto policy that many people don't know about?

Liability coverages are required by the state of Ohio. Physical damage coverage for your car, road service, and rental reimbursement are all coverages that can be added to your policy.

What is an umbrella policy? Do I need one?

An umbrella policy extends additional liability coverage above your auto and/or home limits. We highly recommend purchasing an umbrella policy.